Morning Disaster BEST OF August 26 2016

albumcoverBest of bits from the classic disaster including Bodine playing Hockey, Marvin writing a book, Jim being Jim, Little Noid and MORE

Morning Disaster August 25 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOThis one is titled “Ray blows up”.

Niki is back, Pain pills. Ray is having dirty dreams about his wife. Pharmaceutical price gouging. Ray blows up over the radio industry and this one there might be no coming back from.

Morning Disaster August 24 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBONo Niki Today so Ray flies solo with listener mail, audio, and a bunch of best of bits all focused on Jim the Photographer. If you love Jimmy this is a pretty good show to check out.

Morning Disaster August 23 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOTodays episode is title “Piece of garbage still owes 50 bucks to sex addict”

Ray talks about Rage being a piece of Garbage  by talking about Ray behind his back. TJ who hostst the show where Rage said the offending things is a guest on Todays show.

Sara Jane also joins the show to update Ray on her dating life and answer sex addiction questions,

Morning Disaster August 22 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBORay and Niki are back from the weekend. Ray discusses his trip to Chicago after a death in the family.

Plus Trump cant help himself, Kiss fans are mad at Ray, Nobody went to the fair and didnt miss it, the olympics and MORE MORE MORE

Morning Disaster August 18 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOThe gang gets a review of the Kiss Show from last night. Ray doesnt understand why all the politicians ended up on stage and that all of it was done right before the finale of the show.

Niki is tired and Spanky is Back!!!

Rage was on another podcast and takes a shot at Ray when the host of the show hits him with a question about Sara Jane,

There is also a great discussion on exes.

All this and MORE

Morning Disaster August 17 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOThis show is called “Visit from the fingerless man and a woman who eats dogfood”.

This is a memorable show with Niki not liking Jesus songs. Rays weird dream. Ray and Niki talking about going back to school with Niki being hazed to make it look like she peed her pants.

Spanky calls the show with an update on his life and his love of pain pills. There is a classic Spanky bit and then Dog Food Lady calls in and she is once again memorable with talk of Mt Dew, arguing with her mother, Urine Tract infections and more.

This is a MUST LISTEN show. The last hour alone is an all time classic.

Morning Disaster August 16 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOThis episode is titled “Niki has a friend that gets off on whaaaat?”

Listener Corey is bragging about his Cheese Danish. A ton of people checked out yesterdays show.

Trump has a litmus test for foreigners.

Ray is offended that no gay listeners ever fantasized about him.  One in Four People might have herpes. Ray cant watch porn without overthinking it. Niki has a friend that is into something that Ray finds bizarre. All this an a whole lot more!!!

Morning Disaster August 15 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOTodays show is titled “F is for F’er thats good enough for me” Ray and Niki are back after last weeks tech issues. Ray tells the tale of putting the new system together and what a frustration it has been.

Ray calls all the listener’s F’ers and then is reminded its not a good idea to do that.

Ray has fond memories of giving girls the business and discusses grooming and the great American woman who started it.

Niki was concerned about Ray being home alone on Saturday morning.

All of this and a LOT MORE

Morning Disaster August 9 2016

Really fun show today!MORNDPODCASTLOBO

Ray tells Niki about the coffee drinking and smoking competition he had in the late 80’s.

Ray has a sexual fire that needs exstinguished.

Laura from  joins the show to talk about the upcoming event happening on October 27.

Rays obesity could be cured by sex promises.

Niki eats cheeseburgers in the park.

Olympic chat and so much MORE.