Morning Disaster September 27 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDRay goes over the first Presidential debate with a bunch of Audio. Spanky the Trump fan joins in with his opinion.

Best of Clip featuring Bodine Jim and Shaner and the story of the cat who did not win the owner lottery.

Morning Disaster September 26 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBONiki is back!! Ray describes his very busy weekend of having fun. A new toy for the show will bring back LITTLE NOID and other old characters. Niki went to a special party over the weekend.

The show is 2 hours long and is just a really good listen so Check it out!!!!

Morning Disaster September 22 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDRay and Spanky discuss something that society never talks about… The guilt that unemployed men suffer during sex with their wives. This is a rarely discussed topic that is very important.

That is just one of the many parts of this fine thursday show.

Morning Disaster September 21 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis show is going to be known as the show where Ray and Spanky start joking about taking a walk at 430 in the morning and end up having a serious discussion about Police Shootings, Black lives Matter, kneeling during the National Anthem and do it without anybody arguing. This last part of the show is a very important hour of broadcast. Trust us..

Morning Disaster September 20 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBORay flies solo and reads listener messages and answers questions.

Brad and Angelina are getting a divorce. Things that Ray thinks are dumb. A great Dwayne Johnson joke ends up being real and MORE.

Not bad for a solo show!

Morning Disaster September 19 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBORay and Niki discuss the weekend. Niki had Olive Garden for the first time in years. Ray cant go there because he eats like a Gluton when he goes out to eat because he ends up eating two meals.

Ray knows nothing about what Bodine does for a living other than there is a lot of Drinking involved.

Spanky joins and is still Sober. Trump is wrong again. Emmy Audio.

All this and MORE

Morning Disaster Shaner Special

newmorndisasterIts all Shaner starring in or responsible for this great collection of Classic Morning Disaster Moments!!

Morning Disaster September 15 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDNiki is still sick. Ray and a surprisingly sober Spanky have fun. Spanky talks about his epiphany to quit drinking and eating bad food. A Rage against the Machine replay. THE ONE AND ONLY DOG FOOD LADY CALLS IN!

This is a great show to end the week.

Morning Disaster September 14 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDNiki is sick so Ray and Drunk Spanky do the show. Spanky goes in detail about how he starts his day by grabbing four beers and going to the car wash at 3am. We also find out his schedule of drinking and napping and watching gunsmoke throughout the day.

Ray does the news with a story about incest in NC, Politics, and a guy who refused to watch a video about not being an Ahole to gay people.

A classic Bodine bit where he goes on a panty raid and MORE

Morning Disaster September 13 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBORay is concerned with some of the salad tossing activity on the internet and is shocked when Niki tells him what pegging is. Recommendations on great movies you probably missed.

Hillary Chat.

Ray is depressed about the lack of sexual goal lines he has crossed and MUCH MORE.


Spanky calls in for the last half of the show and will crack you up. He is a must listen part of the show today.