Morning Disaster October 25 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is called “Five Oh”

This is the Annual Ray Lytle Mediocre Birthday Show!!

Morning Disaster October 24 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is titled “Little Noid and the Knee Job”

Ray says the Cubs winning has changed the mood of everybody. Niki went to a costume party and damaged her feet while preparing her feet for it. Only perverts like sexual foot stuff. Little Noid has experience with even worse things than feet. Rays back is sore but his stomach is satisfied from his cake.

Rage and TJ from Mayhem Unleashed join so Ray can break news to Rage. Spanky calls in as well still suffering from the flu.

This is a really fun show!!

Morning Disaster The Spanky Special

MD-BIZ-CARDTribute to Spanky with some of his best segments from the Morning Disaster. From great bits with Jim through filling asleep a couple weeks ago, this is a fun special.

Morning Disaster October 20 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOThis show is titled  “Hey yo who’s got a viagra”

Warning.. the first 30 minutes is about Politics and the Cubs. Some of you who like that kind of discussion will love it but if you dont, fast forward in order to hear the really fun last 65 minutes of the show.

How does Ray clean up sweaty balls.

Ray and Niki discuss Viagra and how Ray should get some for his hotel stay with his wife. We find out why Ray cant ask his DR. What is the amount of time Rays wife orders he not date in case she ever dies before him. Niki talks about how much sex she is going to have at the party she is going to and we find out what Ray would try if he was gay. Gully tries to help Ray figure out how to give his wife Molly without going to jail.

What would it take for Ray to lose 200 lbs and how his wife could make it happen if she wanted.

With the exception of the political stuff at the beginning this is really a fun, funny and stupid show that YOU Will LOVE

Morning Disaster October 19 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is called “Might not be a good birthday”.

Ray seems to be getting depressed. The Cubs, the election and other podcasts might be making it worse.

Morning Disaster October 18 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is called “Spanky’s Sober Birthday”


Morning Disaster October 17 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is callee “the hand washed dishes are not dirty!!!!:

Ray does the show solo to start and was live on Facebook live.

The dishwasher story is about how Rays wife hates hand washed dishes and feels every dish must go through the Dishwasher. Ray is convinced he looks like he is much older than he is and is sick of his ugliness.

Niki finally joins the show late. Mikee calls in for the first time ever on the Morning Disaster to talk old times and an interesting discussion about the modern music industry with Ray, Mikee and Gully.

Fun show


Morning Disaster October 14 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOThis one is titled “Ray ends the show with a mental breakdown”

Ray, Spanky and Niki with producer lil noid are back at the regular time with a show that is hard to explain. Why did spanky fall asleep on yesterdays show and what time did he wake up? Is back on the wagon? Spanky stops and Niki starts Drinking? Ray is obviously starting to crack up mentally as he approaches getting old. all this plus Little noid and MORE

Morning Disaster October 13 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOThis one is titled “the Spanky sneak snore attack”

Ray and Spanky talk about the wagon and how hard a fall it was for Spanky to go off it. Spankys bad week with his boy Trump. FInallyl Niki realizes there is a show and Spanky falls asleep. All this and much more!

Morning Disaster October 11 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is called “Scott Baio is an imibecile… trust me”

Ray and Spanky along with little noid wonder where Niki is and a theory about her caused a fun conversation,

Little Noid discusses several camps.

Someone mad at Ray over Jim and his legacy.

Scott Baio is a knob.

All of this and MORE