Morning Disaster December 1 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBORay and Niki discuss the final days of 830 before the show moves to 9am on Monday. Niki discusses her misery of watching my 600 pound life with Little noids influenct. Then its the facebook Live portion and Little Noid. What kind of background should Ray have in the video leads to major discussion of posters. Niki has the description of Nell Carters life. This leads to a discussion of how you will be thought of when you die. Its a funny show.

Morning Disaster November 30 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBORay and Niki talk about why Ray is going to sleep so late, how hard it is to watch TV at his house with his daughter. The dislike of HGTV shows and the secret viewings behind Rays back are troubling to the host of the show.

Facebook Live to fire up the listeners/viewers.

Ray, TJ, Gully, and Niki talk about booty calls in the late 80’s early 90s.

Morning Disaster November 29 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBONiki tells Ray about all the bad things going on in the world including the wildfires in Tennessee, The Volcano in Guatemala, and more.

Ray complains about his haircut and how horrible it looks.

The Indian guy from yesterday is back and he is concerned about Girth.

Morning Disaster November 28 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBORay, Niki, and Gully do the first day back from vacation show. This one features Ray, Niki, and Gully. It includes stories about Thanksgiving including the Uber ride to Indian guys looking for some pussy in Springfield.  Stories about Ray being accepted for the Gastric Bypass surgery, and future plans for the show.

Its a good show so you should definitely download!!

Morning Disaster November 17 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDRay does a couple drawings LIVE on todays show for K&S cleaning Services and the rest of the show is just BEST OF BITS!!

Jim the Photographer 2016 Special

182_9179371439_7242_nJim the Photographer special. Its the 2016 Edition of the special. 9 years since Jims death and his bits live forever. Hear the remarkable stylings of Jim in this fantastic special.

Morning Disaster November 15 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is called “little noids circle jerk thanksgiving”

Little Noid reveals the very interesting thanksgiving traditions held by the original Indian settlers of southern Kansas.

Nikki is skeptical of listeners

Best of bits with a blind Dj and network letters

Morning Disaster November 14 2016

MORNDPODCASTLOBOcrazy show I dont know whats on it except Niki

Morning Disaster November 10 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is titled “Stop Protesting something before it starts”

Ray and Little Noid try to figure out where Spanky is. Ray discusses the anti trump protesters. Classic bits starring Marvin and Jim the photographer and MORE

Morning Disaster November 9 2016

MD-BIZ-CARDThis one is called “HR Puffy muff on post election day”

Ray gives his take on the Election and passes along what he feels is the correct way to handle the election result.

Then it is time for the show to go back to doing what it does best,,,’

The concussion…

Niki’s Hickeys…

Spanky shares the Satellite TV Porn descriptions…

HR PuffyMuff…

Very fun show. Check it out!